Babe’s Fishers of the Future


FLW Pro Angler Jason Mullinax’s wife, Babe Mullinax is looking to enrich our next generation with the sport of fishing.

Babe will be conducting an enrichment class for kindergarteners at Kennesaw Elementary. When asked to head this project, administration requested for her to teach these children about something that she is passionate about, that when passed on to these kids, would enrich their lives into the future.

It was a no brainer to her, she wanted to give them the gift of fishing.

The class will require 15 kid casters and a kiddie pool. The total cost of the class’s needs is estimated at $300.

If you deem this an endeavor that you may be interested in joining, Babe and Jason would be ever so grateful. There is a GOFUNDME link below to support our next generation of anglers.

Babe’s Fishers of the Future

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